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Bridge 17

Bridge 17

Aaargghh! Having carefully shaped and cut out the angled part for the front of the bridge (middle part in picture) I glued it in place and then looked at it from a bit further back (than 6 inches). To my horror none of the skylights lined up with the lower windows. So I hastily removed the part before the glue set and set about investigating.

There were a couple of reasons, but both were attributable to carelessness and/or stupidity. The main problem was that the port window in the bridge front (top part in picture, right hand opening) is 2mm wider than the starboard one, which also means the middle window is off-centre. No easy fix for that (or my brain I think), so at this stage I've cut the old front off, used it as a template for the outside dimensions of a replacement wall (bottom part in picture) and marked it out with new windows to align with the skylights in the angled plate.


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