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Derby Show 2006



The Yard at 4th and 9th (HO)

The Yard at 4th and 9th (HO)

This is apparently a layout in progress, but not a success from my point of view - a rail level view may be prototypical, but it's just too high to be able to see anything useful. The operator here is standing on the bottom step of the ladder, making it even harder for others to view the layout. It was also unlit bar natural light coming from the right.
Regarding the height, the builder says in the programme "After catering for the 'table-top'market for so long the builder does not consider it selfish to do something for himself for once." Sounds fair for most modellers, but this is a show for the paying public - selfish won't wash! I don't think I was alone in feeling this as although it had a prime position next to an entrance, few people seemed to be watching whenever I passed.


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