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Macclesfield Show 2012

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I had been to the Macclesfield show a few times in the past when they used a different school for the venue, but I've never done a gallery for it. I don't know how long they have been at Tytherington High School, but several years it seems. It's not a big show, but it is fairly cheap - 5 included a guide, which was small (A5) and plain and perfectly adequate for someone that just needs the information in an easy to carry or pocket form.

I spent a couple of hours at the show and for a break had a sausage bap and mug of coffee from the cafeteria (a proper one being a school) for 2.60.

As to the layouts, there was I think just one duplicate from recent shows I've been to (Oldham King Street Parcels).

There didn't seem to be an excess of the 'hand of god' in operation this time, except for one layout, though as I was there the first couple of hours on the first day this is slightly more excusable - but still not good. Come on people, get things debugged and operators trained before the show starts - early customers don't get a 'preview' discount.

This is a show I will try and get into the habit of visiting more often, especially now I'm having to restrict my range a bit due to cost and health reasons.

Next - the layouts, which are in alphabetical order, but only the ones I selected to include here - there were about 16 in all, plus traders of course.


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