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Photographs taken at Model Railway shows in the UK

These are pictures of layouts that caught my eye at the shows I visited. The layouts are usually American as that was my interest. Some are public shows, others are NMRA meets. For work reasons I did not attend any shows for about two years from autumn 2009 to October 2011.

I only started to take a camera to shows in 2004 and my initial experiments showed flash to give poor results, as well as blinding everyone. I then took most of my pictures without flash; my digital cameras coped remarkably well with this, but I always tried to steady the camera as the long exposure time makes blurring a serious problem.

For earlier shows I did not attempt to add any comments to pictures beyond the name and scale of the layout. But where I had more information (mainly later shows where I usually bought the show guide) or there is something else I wish to comment on there is a fuller text below the picture.

19 Jan 2013. I've been running this website for nearly 13 years now and I do get occasional messages of appreciation. However, I think most of those have been to do with the 'information' pages on how I've tackled various jobs - certainly no-one has explicitly commented on the Shows section that I can recall. Preparing the photos and writing all the descriptions, etc, is a significant amount of work, so having given a couple of months for anyone to 'object' I'm now abandoning this task. The Alsager 2012 is the last show that will feature here, though I plan to continue going to shows just for a look. Thankyou for visiting.

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