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Warrington MRC 2012

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Came here last year and liked it - it's cosy and not too far from home which is a cost factor for me these days as my income is restricted. The biggest change for me is that the roundabout on the A49 one could spin round to get to the collegiate entrance if coming from the south has gone - so you either have to do something inelegant or go a long way to the next one and come back. I did inelegant :)

The show was similar to last year, though I think possibly smaller - I thought there were some stands in the rear passage last year, but I might be wrong. Very reasonable refreshments and in the exhibition hall, as before. My only criticism would be a slightly heavy preponderance of British transition layouts - I know it's a popular period to model (same in most countries) but when they are cheek-by-jowl like this it gets a bit same-old.

On to the layouts - in alphabetical order as usual.


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